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multidisciplinary artist living and working in Tel Aviv.

Exhibited in various galleries and museums across the US and Israel.

An art lecturer at Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv, and formerly at Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem.


MFA Stanford University (1995)


Awards, Grands and Supports:

2020            Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

2019           Ministry of culture award in fine arts

2019           The independent artist fund grant of the                            Ministry of culture

2014           Meadows Museum of Art, Honorarium for                          Relaying

2014           Shreveport, LA art council support for Relaying

2013           New Fund for Cinema and Television, New                          Media Projects

2003          The Rabinovich Foundation, support for Photo                    Film

1993-5        Stanford University, California, Tuition                                scholarship for excellency

1993-5        Stanford University, California, Living stipend                      fellowship

1989           America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award

1985           America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award


Solo Exhibitions:

2021          Let Me See, Neve Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv

2019          The Form of a Giant, Mishkan Museum of art,                       Ein Harod

2015           Relaying #2, Mana Contemporary, NJ

                 Five Signs Cronology, Ha Kibutz Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014           Relaying, Meadows Museum of Art, Shreveport.

2011            Blood Happy, Kaner House, curated by Efi Gan,                   Rishon Lezion.

2010           Awake at Night, Hakibutz Gallery, curated by                       Yael Keiny, Tel Aviv.

2009          Back Yard, Artists House, curated by Arye                           Berkovitz, Tel Aviv.

                Ultrasound, Al Hatzook Gallery, curated by                           Monica Lavi, Natanya.

2003          Photo Film, (with Smadar Levy) Chelouche                           Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1997          Prepared Heart, Sadna’ot Ha’omanim, Tel Aviv.

1995          Before You Go Home, Stanford Gallery,                               Stanford University.

1994          Introduction, Paule Anglim Gallery, San                               Francisco.

1991          Landscape with Lamps, Bugrashov Gallery,                         Tel Aviv.


Select Group Exhibitions 2011-2021:

2019         Social Bauhaus, Hadarion, Haifa

                curated by Galia Bar Or.


                Prisma, Artspace, Tel Aviv, 

                curated by Nir Haramat.


2018         Photopoetics #7, Musrara, curator:                                     Ayelet HaSachar Cohen, Jerusalem. 


               Ratzif Pyramida, Dagon Museum,                                       Curator: Galia Bar Or, Haifa. 


               Security Measures, Sklar Levy Gallery, Curator:                     Shirley Wegner, Modi'in.


2017         Halo Halo, Aba… and Ima, curated by Reuma                       Zohar Chayot, Hanina Galerry, Tel Aviv. 


               Honey Suckle, curated by Gilli Zaidman, Indie                       Gallery, Tel Aviv. 


2016         The Mother Load, curated by Clare                                     Brennan, Dandy Scotland.

2014         Cecilia, curated by Dalia Danon and Nir 

               Haramat, Artists House, Tel Aviv.


               Art Camp 7, curated by David Wakshtein,                             Hasadna Ramla, Ramla.


              Warm Home, curated by Nurit Tal-Teneh,                            Hamishkan for Arts, Holon.


2013        Photography 2nd Hand, curated by Ayelet                          Hashaar, Morel Gallery, Jerusalem.


              Between Body and Cloth, curated by Orly Roman,                Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.


              Outside the Family Album, curated by Mayaan                    Weiz and Shahar Eliyav, Oranim College, Haifa.


2012        E Yaldut, curated by Dalia Danon and Nir Haramat,                Artists House, Tel Aviv.


              Dear Anatomy, curated by Esana Markovitz,                        Miskan Aamnim, Herzliya.


              Nizuy Calim 9, curated by Curmit Blumezon, Tamy                Hause, Tel Aviv.


              Behil Vereada, curated by Curmit Blumezon, Tamy                Hause, Tel Aviv.


2011        Breaking Up, curated Nava Sade, Gal-On Gallery,                  Tel Aviv.


              Slam Story, curated by Renana Kishon, Kishon                    Gallery, Tel Aviv.


              Master Class, curated by Moran Shoub, Diaghilev                  Art Hotel, Tel Aviv.

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